Financial Sector in Berlin

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In this report it takes through financial industry in the Berlin. Main objectives in the report are past and current situation in this industry, Economic trends and forecasts, Ecological and environmental challengers, political support, technological improvements, importance of culture and society and competitive environment in the finance industry in Berlin. Inside those points will be discussed banking service, investment services, foreign exchange service, and insurance services. Past and the current situation

Berlin is the capital of Germany and one on the richest countries’ in the world. Berlin as itself has a population of 3.4 million. Downturn for Germany is that berlins poor financial performance though out the past decade causing the federal government unnecessary troubles. Economist pointed out berlins economy went down by 6% while the national economy rose by 10% (ProQuest, 2003). After the financial crises and euro zone debt crises the city is currently preforming steadily compared to last three years. Cities current statistics shows unemployment rate is high but getting bit better after the euro debt crises. (See appendix 1). During the last few years banks suffered from the financial crises and euro debt crises. Landesbank Berlin holding provides range of financial services such as privet and cooperate banking, liquidity management, leasing and real estate. During the year 2011 companies net loss is 115.6 million therefore lot of investors loss confident in investing. Landesbanks plan is to increase the net interest income and decrease allowances for losses on loans also to continually increase the quality and service to their customers to regaining the acceptance from the market.(Marketline, 2013a) Economic trends and forecasts

Why People visit Berlin?
Berlin is the 4th highest tourist destination in Europe with an average growth of 7% per year since 2008. Main reasons people visit berlin are History – Berlin has a great...
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