financial report on Bata company

Topics: Balance sheet, Financial ratios, Financial statements Pages: 49 (5935 words) Published: August 14, 2014

Ratio Analysis

On Bata shoe
FIN- 301 (Financial Management)

Prepared for:
Md. Rizvy Ahmed
Faculty of Business Administration
Eastern University

Prepared by:

Md. Ashikul Islam

Md. Sadek Hossain

Bishal Barua



Submission Date: 27th July 2013.

Letter of Transmittal
July 27, 2013
Md. Rizvy Ahmed
Course Instructor, Financial Management (FIN-301)
Faculty of Business Administration
Eastern University
Dhaka -1205.
Sub: Submission of Report on indentifying the performance of Bata Company Sir,
We are the student of BBA in Eastern University. We are very much enthusiastic about our report. We are really happy to have such a report of challenging and interesting like this report. We are pleased to say that we have completed our assigned report by collecting information about Bata’s annual financial report from Dhaka Stock Exchange at Motijhil. The report intends to narrate to find out the financial stability of Bata. We tried our best to make this report attractive, impeccable, interesting and informative in association with our honorable teacher. We are really grateful to him. We had limitations at the time preparing report. So mistakes may occur in our demonstration of our report. We hope that, you will exempt our mistakes. Thanking in anticipation,

Yours Sincerely,
Name ID
Md. Ashikul Islam 121200086
Md. Sadek Hossain 101200218
Bishal Barua 091200070 Mohaiminul 101200220
Rashed 101200096 Acknowledgement

We would like to thank the Almighty for giving us the strength, and the aptitude to complete this report within due time.

We are truly gratified that we have received the regulation and assistance of our honorable course instructor in the preparation of this research report. For this reason, we especially appreciate our praiseworthy course instructor, for his constant effort in imparting valuable knowledge and expertise enabling us to produce a good report

During this task each of our group members worked really hard. Which helped greatly to recover different obstacles during this study.

Last but not the least; I would like to express my foremost gratitude to those respondents who helped me providing their opinion to make my report acceptable.

Executive Summary

As a global brand Bata has established a good image in Bangladesh. People of our country do not think it is an outsider product. They even think it is our own product. In that sense we can say that Bata positioned their image in the mind of people of our country. They are the biggest footwear company in Bangladesh. Few days ago they established the biggest outlet at Boshundhara city, Dhaka in Bangladesh. Where they take a whole floor and the sales of that outlet shows the highest revenue from other outlets in those few days. This shows that what demand they create in Bangladesh. Important thing is that in Bangladesh most of the outlets are their owned retail shop. Bata is a world renowned brand of shoe. It has a substantial amount of market share in Bangladesh. For a long time Bata had a monopolistic business here. But recently there are some competitors for Bata in Bangladesh, both global and local. So, establishing brand image has become a very serious issue to acquire a good amount of brand equity. This research is aimed to determine the current brand image of Bata at Bangladesh.

Modest earnings growth of 16% is expected in 2009 amid tighter economic condition revenue expected to be driven by a 4.5%...
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