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March 2013


March 2013
Approval Sheet

This system proposal entitled “Automated Land Transportation Office Registration System”. This system was focused on the improvement and development of the registration process. It would help to lessen the process of the registration and updating manually. And also, we are aiming a paperless transaction. Through the use of the said system the staff would be benefited because the registration result will be automatically save and record to its database system.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following institutions and persons: Mr. Juan Dela Cruz, LTO Lipa Office, for the references and accommodation; Land Transportation Office (LTO) office that provided us information flow and transaction; Mrs. May Lim for allowing us to make their home our study place; Ms Shiela Sy for giving us the knowledge and materials needed; Mrs Ana LIza Co for the formatting purposes;

To our friends, family and much more who had lent their helping hands, Most and foremost, to Almighty God for giving us the strength and the perseverance to continue the project with all our capacity.


We dedicate our project to our family, friends and instructors, who were always at our side to inspire and add courage. Thank you very much.

Executive Summary

This project attempts in doing transaction at LTO easier, faster and convenient. Looking back at the current status on how LTO officer does their business is somewhat not neat. Currently people transacting with them takes a long time before getting done. Several lines of people normally exists inside the office, several staffs attend to these people whose transaction are for new license application and renewal of license. It would take a lot of time for staffs to attend to a single client since the jobs are all done manually( information were written on papers and retrieving this documents usually take time as they have to search for entries manually and eventually more mistakes). This project then, entails the use of an electronic registration system with the objective to: keep a record of registration for the purpose of monitoring and updating information: provide an easy, efficient and ergonomically designed database: and not the least but a system capable of future upgrade. Record handling and safekeeping are addressed by providing an internal database. Needed informations are already determined; staff would just fill in needed informations to make the transaction easy and is then saved in the database. Same information would be accessed when updating is necessary to be done or when records are no longer of use for storing them.The proposed registration system is designed under a user-friendly format that minimal training to users and staffs are enough to make them quick, efficient and happy with the work they are doing.

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Approval Sheetiii
Executive Summaryvi
Project Context3
Purpose and Description4
Scope and Limitaions of the Study 6
Definitions of Terms7
Review of Related Systems8

Chapter1 Introduction

The modern technology is being used today. It may be in communication or transaction. It is widely used for its convenience, effectiveness, and made the work easier. Manual process gives complex work for everyone and a lot difficult to maintain the documents. As a system implements it develop and assist people to optimally capable of the transaction. The central purpose of this project is to use the modern technology in...

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