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Topics: Want, Debt, Money Pages: 2 (1290 words) Published: December 3, 2014
D’andra Tyree
Amonte Littlejohn
English 1010
04, December, 2014
Money is the Key to Happiness

So many people tend to think that money is not the way to happiness. These people that may believe that still will get excited and find happiness if a person offered them a currency that they could not refuse to accept. Money is everything to everyone. Money is able to buy anything that a person needs. Money is the reason why a person can survive with a life threatening disease. Money is the reason why a person is even motivated to finish college. Money is the key to everyones happiness, even the richest of them all.

To be financialy secured in todays economy is pretty tough. So many people get depressed because of the bills that tend to pile up on the coffee table. This is why people work more than one job, or even farm all hours of the night, or go to night school after working a twelve hour shift somewhere. Everyone wants a life where they have enpugh funds to pay whomever and to have enough money to buy whatever they choose. In the a book titiled The Street written by Ann Petry she writes “She couldn’t hope to get a raise in pay without taking another civil service examination, for more pay depended on a higher rating.” (pg 82) . Everyone wants better out of life and the purpose of the hardwork for one to endure is to reap a reward which is the profit or money.

So many people want a life that that is carefree and most of all debt free. In the United States you can see the demise of celebrities that had millions of dollars and did not pay their bills. Money is intended to bring happiness , a person must realize what makes them happy over a long period pf time. Everyone has different goals in life, but no ones goals in life is to get audited by the IRS. If a person that has millions of dollars at any point in their life, they must make some choices on who and what they want to pay. Some of the talented celebrities go financially broke because...
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