Final Draft Cause Of Teenage Pregnancy In Thailand

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 Cause of Teenage pregnancy in Thailand
Nowadays, the problem of teenage pregnancy in Thailand doesn’t affect only teenage mothers’ lives, but also many aspects of Thai society, such as family, occupation, the economy, etc. Moreover, it is expected that in the future, the problem will increase and become bigger and harder to solve. According to the Bureau of Reproductive Health at the Public Health Ministry, Thai teenager births have increased 43 percent during the last 10 years and Thailand’s teenage pregnancy rate is the highest in Southeast Asia. Therefore, realizing the causes of the problem is important to finding the solutions. There are several reasons for teenage pregnancy in Thailand, including lack of comprehensive sex education, lack of advice from families and the carelessness of Thai teenagers.

One cause of the problem is lack of comprehensive sex education. According to the Reproductive Health Survey in 2009, only 77.9 percent of primary and secondary school students received some form of sex education. This means that around 20 percent get no sex education. Though most teenagers have sex education in schools, teen pregnancy is still increasing. This shows that sex education in the Thai school curriculum is not effective. The sex education curriculum relies too much on reading books. Thus, the lessons cannot be used in real life. For example, the lesson about contraception includes the definition and types. It is not about how condoms or other contraceptives are used. Moreover, the lesson does not include mass media, such as videos which could help students better understand. This proves that, although students receive sex education in school, they still lack the knowledge to be able protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy.

In addition, lack of advice from families also causes teenagers to make mistakes that may result in getting pregnant. Most Thai parents have conservative attitudes toward sex between teenagers, so they think it is not...
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