Topics: Sense, Education / Pages: 2 (284 words) / Published: Oct 8th, 2013

Plan of Attack

At my research site I plan on taking notes my in a small notebook so I could easily jot down notes as I see/hear things occur. On my notes I will make sure to include date, time, specific facts, numbers, sensory impressions and summaries of conversations. I will just jot down phrases or words to remember what I saw or something to easily trigger my memory. The elongated notes I will write them as soon as possible and if time doesn’t allow it then I will do the elongated notes as soon as I leave my fieldwork site. I want to be able to write down everything that seemed interesting because I want good data. The activities I will pay more attention to is when the teacher goes around the class and works one on one with students. I want to see how she reacts towards the student’s inability/inability to answer a question. Does the teacher handle her class well? Is she open to diverse cultures and ideas? I also want to pay attention to how the teacher greets the class at the beginning of the day. How is she able to get the class settled in. Is there a certain method she does to make the students get in their seats and began to do class work? The obstacles that I fear might get in my way are that I might not be able to take notes during my fieldwork site. I’m afraid that I might have to remember everything and then as soon as I leave fieldwork have to jot everything down and once I have time I would write my elongated notes.

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