Field Service Division of Dmi

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The Field Service Division of DMI

Use of Technology in Business Re-Engineering
The study brings about many issues encountered by Diversified Manufacturing, Inc.: some explicit and others merely implied implicitly. Field Service Divisions are important parts of organizations operating in manufacturing industries. As technology becomes more and more involved in the production process and the after sales services, it is crucial for companies to develop their Field Service business processes. In the DMI Field Service Case, the company has troubles meeting the customer demands in a timely manner. The quality of the service remains as an important task to improve for the DMI Company and reengineering process of the FSD brought up many issues.
Re-engineered Process
The current process flow of DMI Warranty is very simple. Every step is done by its employees, except for dispatching calls to regional center via computers software. There are only sixty-four employees at the call center, which is a relatively small number in respect to 3500 calls they receive per day.
In the existing system, there are 3 waiting points. First one is just right after the customer calls, and call taker input customer information (location, name, machine type) into the computer. This waiting time can be reduced in two ways; the customer can enter their personal information by his/herself via phone (by dialing) using an automated system or giving every customer a personal security code that can be used to pull all the information of the account holder in a few seconds. Second waiting point occurs when the tech personnel calls the dispatch center. It is stated that technicians complain about waiting on the phone too long just after lunch, late in the day or early in morning. The basic solution to this could be increasing the number of dispatchers and had available personnel to cover the phone so that there would always be someone there.

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