Decision Analysis Task 1

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1. I recommend that the Rugged Boot assembly line be rearranged to provide a more efficient process. Based on the diagram provided by Catherine Pang showing the layout of the production line, the current line uses eight stations. I determined the efficiency by using the following formula:

Efficiency = _____________Σ Task times___________________ (actual number of work stations) x (largest cycle time)

The total task time for the work boot assembly is 46 minutes. The actual number of work stations is currently 8 and the largest cycle time is 10 minutes. Based on these numbers the assembly line is operating at 57.5% efficiency. To determine how to better improve the assembly line efficiency, it is important to first determine the minimum of work stations needed. This can be done by using the following formula:

Minimum of Workstations = Σ for Task i
Cycle time

To find Cycle time the following formula is used:

Cycle Time = Production Time Available Per Day
Units Required Per Day

Based on the information provided by Alistair Wu of a 40 hour work week and 6 work boots per hour we can conclude that the cycle time is 10 minutes per unit (480 minutes per day / 48 work boots per day). With that being said using the formula above, we can conclude that the minimum number of workstations required for the work boot assembly line is 4.6 or 5 stations. Reducing the number of stations from 8 to 5 would provide a drastic improvement in proficiency from 57.5% up to 92%. To verify my results and determine how the stations should be arranged I used POM for Windows Assembly Line Balancing Module. The results from POM are attached. In summary I recommend that station 1 will have Task A. Station 2 will have Tasks B and C. Station 3 will have Task D. Station for will have Tasks F, E, and G. Station 5 will have Task H.

a. A copy of the output from POM is attached as part A.
i. I chose this...

References: Heizer, J. H., & Render, B. (2010). Operations management (10th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.
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