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The government should stop funding the IITs and the IIMs and, instead, divert the funds to primary education.


• India is not a devloped country here litracy ratio is very less so governement should concentrate on make more people litrate rahter then concentrating on small group of population • Students from IIT IIM are moving out of india serving other nation's organiation that is really awfull • India is damocratic country.Damcracy can only be successfull in only one situation that every one should litrate that could be achieved by concentrating on primary education • Spending huge amount of money on IIT & IIM is dividing the nation in 2 diffrent communities one community is not even having primary education where other community is having higher education • The most of the people going for the IIT IIM are self capable so govenment should make all this nstitutes self fiananced and stop funding.


• Still india in devlopement mode so need of these institutes to prmote our young talent to international platform. • its true student from IIT IIM are moving out but they are sending back money to the country eventually that money is getting utilised in india itself. • The phase of devlopement through which india is passing by needs more recognization of indian talent pool, which surely needs the more better higher education for young indians. • For democracy we need policy makers so we needs few people who are indians who can create better systems for us IIT's IIM's producing such kinds of brains. • Students from other countries are coming to india so eventually revenue coming back to government pocket.


• We cant compare the primary education, which is vary vaste area with IIT IIM which is concentrated to small area. • Funding to IIT IIM can be self financed but there should be proper mechnism and student should get scholarships in case of fees hike

Democracy has hampered India’s progress.


• Democracy definitely hampred the progress because the people who have chosen by the indian people are not educated enough and capable enough to run the government properly. • Democracy putting forward lot of restrictions on business to run it as profitable enterpise rther then it is becoming more like running for social causes. • In some sense yes. You know, becaus of the way the system is built, lot of regulations and formalities come into picture. The bureaucracy leads to delays. • Yes,as all can see from the TV news and read the papers,everything is being moulded according to the wishes of the so called protectors of the democracy. • Why separate scales are being used for same kind of work/service.


• Democracy is the only reason of India's progress. there is no greater system for a country than a vibrant democracy . there may be problem, but then what system does not have the problem. there will always be problem in any system, but we have to overcome that and keep trying to do so. no system can ever be foolproof because no two men always can think alike. • just look to Pakistan for a reference. or if you have China in mind, there bubble will burst one day like USSR did. • At the time of Independence, the average income of Pakistanis was higher than that of Indians. Today after almost 60 years of democracy in India (bloody and violent democracy at time I will admit) and 60 years of dictatorships, military rule and religious control in Pakistan, the average income of Indians is about 300% higher than Pakistan and India is now in the process of becoming a genuine world "superpower."


• There might be some problem with the democracy but no system is fullproof we can ectify them.

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