Job Opportunities High in India or Foreign. Why?

Topics: India, Steve Jobs, Economics Pages: 3 (918 words) Published: September 13, 2010
Job opportunities are high in India because now India is developed so many mnc are open their branch in India. Here they invest low price then get high profit. So they open new branches from that we have lot of job opportunities have been produced Yes job opportunities are more in India, which is developing now. Many foreign companies are Opening their branches in India in the name of BPO's and CALL CENTERS. The main reason why these foreign companies are opting India is due to the simple fact that India has many graduates and unemployed youth who are ready to accept a job with less pay then their foreign counter parts. Due to which they will gain more profits. As India is a developing country, the Job opportunities in India are more. India has large number of graduates and postgraduates in each and every field such as science and technology, IT sector, arts, etc. As the graduates and postgraduates in India are ready to expose themselves to the world of competition, they are ready to work for less pay. The main reason for that is, the people want experience and exposure to different environment where the chance of learning several things is more. Money matters less for people who have the capacity to prove themselves. The foreign companies in the present that's openings their branches in India because they knew that Indians are hardworking and they have the zeal to accept and work for the upliftment of their country No job opportunities are not only more in India but they are also more in other countries like china, Japan etc.reason is now Chinese. Japanese they are also equally competent to u and us know why china has seen a drastic change in their development? B’s they work even harder and smarter than us. Even more people and more opportunities are there in India do u known that we are also ranking high in unemployment? As far as job opportunities are considered they are more in china and Japan but they don't give a chance to foreigners as...
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