Fences by Wilson

Topics: African American, August Wilson, Major League Baseball Pages: 4 (1193 words) Published: July 26, 2013
‘Fences’ by Wilson
The play has used a number of symbols to develop the overriding theme. The first category of symbols is the trains. It is through Troy that the author brings in Raynell, his illegitimate baby, for the first time home. Troy comfortably sits with the motherless baby where he once reigned on a porch even though it is currently an unwanted presence. Troy proceeds to sing the song which echoes all the pleas of an individual man begging the train engineer to allow him to ride in hiding and for free. With special focus on the Harlem Renaissance when the African American artists and writers were flourishing across the Twentieth Century and when slavery times were on, trains were literary devices for African American music and literature. Characters riding a train or talking of trains is a representation of change. The other major symbol is fences. August Wilson named his play, Fences, due to the fact that the characters lives keep changing around a fence-building project that basically serves as a literal as well as a figurative device of fundamental representation of the relationships bonding and breaking in the focus of the entire backyard. Due to the fact that Rose seeks eradicate the fence built serves as meaning to her character as she sees it as something necessary and positive (Wilson & Freedman 78). Bono further observes that Rose is for the opinion that the fence is built to keep her loved ones in. There are a number of themes that this play has sought to depict along the elements of developing relevance to the audience. The first is the coming of age with AuthorLastName3

regard to the damaged black manhood’s cycle. Clearly, both Troy and Bono are seen to keep relating the stories of their respective childhood in the south as well as the tales sourced from their individual relationships which have difficult fathers towards Lyons. Their painful memories basically provide one of the contexts...
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