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About 360 Degree Performance Feedback

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Executive Summary

The 360-degree feedback has become pervasive in management and human resource development practice since the last years. There are many diverse claims regarding the benefits and impact of 360-degree. This assignment presents mainly the historical growth, the difference to traditional feedback and the use nowadays.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary2
Table of Contents2
List of Abbreviations2
List of Figures2
The History of Feedback 360 degree3
360-degree Feedback Definition4
360-degree Feedback vs. Traditional Feedback4
Customers / suppliers feedback6
Improved work performance through the implementation of 360-degree feedback7 Subordinates / supervisors feedback with the focus on leaders7 Practice Example by EADS10

List of Abbreviations

|e.g. |For example | |EADS |European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company |

List of Figures

Figure 1 360-degree Feedback overview5

Figure 2 Six Sigma6

Figure 3 Leadership Vision 2020 EADS10


This assignment will explain the 360-degree feedback as a management tool and performance appraisal method that gives employees the opportunity to receive feedback from multiple sources. It is anonymous and called 360-degree feedback because comments are given by subordinates, supervisors, customers, suppliers and self-evaluations. “The feedback is only as valuable as the employee decides to make it. The feedback should highlight both strengths and weaknesses of the employee and give insight to aid the professional development.” (e.g.

The History of Feedback 360 degree

“The first known use of a multiple-source feedback method was during World War II, by the German military. Although it lacked the flashy name, the concept was exactly the same: Soldiers were evaluated by peers, supervisors and subordinates to provide insight and recommendations on how to improve performance. The U.S. military used a similar performance appraisal concept during World War I, but the feedback lacked the appraisals of subordinates that the Germans incorporated; however, both tied the merit ratings directly to compensation and promotions.” (e.g. W. Warner Burke 2002) The concept of 360-degree feedback grew in popularity due to the development of the typewriter; before typewriters and computers, feedback was handwritten and complete anonymity was not viable to achieve, undercutting the entire value of the method. “Furthermore, many companies began adopting the idea of 360-degree feedback after multiple famous, multinational companies had great success after the implementation of this method; the most notable success story was the one of General Electric CEO Jack Welch who used the 360-degree feedback. Jack Welch increased shareholder value every year at General Electric by using 360-degree feedback, along with a six sigma quality program, as the merit ratings used to decide the firing of the bottom 10 percent of employees each year.” (e.g. 3935.html) The popularity of 360-degree feedback has grown quickly in the new millennium; according to Fortune magazine, it is estimated that 90 percent of all Fortune 500 companies use some sort of multi feedback. (Carruthers, 2003)

360-degree Feedback Definition

360-degree feedback is a valuation method that incorporates feedback from the worker, his/her peers, superiors, subordinates, and customers. “Results of these confidential surveys are tabulated and shared with the worker, typically by a manager. Interpretation of the results, trends and themes are...

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