Federal vs. State Policy

Topics: Police, Crime, Criminal justice Pages: 3 (1092 words) Published: December 20, 2010
Fedral vs. State Policy
A public policy is the body of principles that underpin the operation of legal systems in each state. In this paper I am going to talk about federal along with state policies. I will discuss each of the policies and how they are similar and how they are different. Federal and State policies are made to help keep our Country running smoothly. If there were no policies then keeping our Country safe would be a hard task. Policies are principles that are set to help make our Country operate on a daily bases. I like to think of it as rules that are set to keep our Country safe; because if there were no rules then everyone would be doing their own thing which could cause for a very disorganized situation.

We see police officers out on the streets making sure that everyone is abiding by the laws that are set. Noadays there are laws against speeding, talking on cell phones while driving, texting while driving along with murder, kidnapping and many more laws. These laws where not always in place they were added as they were needed and once they were made a law they have always stayed that way. If we look at cell phones for instance this is a somewhat new thing and that state officers are seeing that there are problems with the use of cell phones. Slowly but surely states are making laws to ban cell phone usage while driving to help keep citizen safe from individuals who lack concentration while driving.

The federal government never viewed themselves as the group that would be responsible for crime within the United States. The federal government would have a role when it came to extreme criminal behavior. Crimes such as bank robbery, kidnapping, and tax evasion would be crimes that they would be involved in (Marion & Oliver, 2006). The federal government is always there to help the state police agencies when they need the help or assistance in the criminal justice organization. What role does the Federal Government play in the policy making...
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