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A Feasibility Study

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I. Description of Glitch Commerce

The proposed website is Glitch Codes is "Governing League of Information Technology Challengers Codes". The researcher came up to create this website for the reason that more IT students of PUP San Juan Campus are failed to their major subjects, especially to their programming subject.In todays generation, IT students must be enjoy learning programming languages in order for them to understand it clearly. That’s why the researchers create a new website - Online Programming Tutorials such as teaching C++ , C , JAVA , C# at etc. That can be patronized by the IT students of the campus. And this website also offers tutorials to their other subjects like creating multimedia programs. Within a free service and effective way of learning. So the researchers decided to make this website to provide students with all the resources they need to help them in their studies especially the students who did not realize their programming lessons.

II. Services
A. Features: Benefits
The Glitch Codes will serve as a web-based source code and tutorials to all year level students of IT in the campus. The researcher create this website to wherein it is exclusive for the campus only. The researchers assured that all IT students will participate into this project. And assuring that all of them will provide a users-friendly, cost savings, not time consuming , 24/7 update and security services. Users-friendly

The researchers make sure the IT students could clearly understand using the websites. For example, every button that every users will see has a label on what is the function. And for more questions the researchers put a page where it tells how does the websites works or the instruction page. Cost savings

To enrolled in a tutorial that is worth more than cost of your tuition fee is probably a big problem for an IT student like me. Another situation is that if you are having a group study with your classmates you should spend money for the transportation and others. In this case it will cause for us to spend money just to be learn and to understand the programming lessons. But in using the Glitch Codes having an internet connection you may already connect with your classmates and you can freely browse this websites to learn and understand different programming languages. And all the services are absolutely for free. Not Time Consuming

The researchers make sure to provide all the needs of the users. It is not time consuming for them because they don't need to browse a lot of websites. 24/7 Update
Based on the survey done by the researchers 80% of IT students wants a website that is being updated time to time is very important for them. Security
The researchers make sure that all the IT students have their own privacy and security when it comes in using the websites. For example, They are required to create their own account for their own protection.

B. Features: Limitation
User friendly and reliable technology is critical to a successful websites. However, even the most sophisticated technology is not 100% reliable. Unfortunately, it is not a question of if the equipment used in an online program will fail. But when everything is running smoothly, technology is intended to be low profile and is used as a tool in the learning process. However, breakdowns can occur at any point along the system, for example, the server which hosts the program could crash and cut all IT students off from the websites. An It student may access the class through a networked computer which could go down. Individual PC’s or Laptops can have numerous problems which could limit IT students’ access. finally, the Internet connection could fail, or the institution hosting the connection could become bogged down with users...

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