Fast Obstacle Course Analysis

Topics: Obstacle course, Exercise, Economics terminology, Variety, Education, Recreation / Pages: 4 (799 words) / Published: Jan 19th, 2018
The first feature is, for every individual that enters the Fast Course Olympics after paying the entrance fee of $0.50, will receive a juice box that has a motivational health tip. This benefits the participants as it will boost one’s self esteem and push individuals to stay healthy. The information on the juice boxes also provide them with knowledge about what exercise is needed. This feature also benefits participants as they will be tired and thirsty after running the course.
The second feature is that we are offering a variety of sports. Unlike other groups we did not focus on one specific sport or event. Instead, we implemented a variety of sports so that we will encourage more students and teachers to come out. Many students and teachers
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This abbreviation stands for Fast Obstacle Course. It is referred to as FCO to make it simple and easy to remember. The fast obstacle course supports the idea of our obstacle course and how it differentiates between other events that may be happening at the same time. Our obstacle course provides a fast circulation between our different stations and its purpose is to give a little idea of what each event is like. For example, a lot of people don’t know how to play curling or may not even know what curling is. The station that provides the sport curling would give consumers instructions on how to play and will give them an idea of what the sport is like. For those who already know how to play, this will be an opportunity to have fun, compete against others, and enjoy the sport itself. The product name “Fast Obstacle Course” represents the competitiveness we offer in each of our stations. Although, our overall event isn’t about the winner and who the best is, its coordinated rotation between each stations extrinsically motivates consumers to want to finish the activity and move on to the next. The name is unique because It causes consumers to feel that the event is “fast”, competitive, and overall exciting to attend. Usually, obstacle courses have one event that is long and boring but our obstacle course allows consumers to feel excited while playing at each …show more content…
The different colors represent that we welcome anyone who is willing to learn about staying active and having fun which, is also the reason behind adding a male and a female animation. The educational aspect to our event is represented by the heart and heartbeat which signifies the importance that fitness has on our health. The two people running away show the competitive side to our event. They are essentially running/ staying fit for themselves while competing against someone else. Ultimately, this enhances the high uniqueness that is displayed through the colors, simplicity, and message we are trying to portray in our logo and throughout our

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