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Are Sports Good or Bad

By Destiny000 Apr 16, 2015 627 Words
Ms 226 Destiny Chatfield
Class 801 March 6, 2015

Are Sports Good or Bad for Kids?

High School sports are still a desirable activity for students to participate in and should be supported for their educational benefits, but the question is whether they are good or bad. Do you support the idea of sports? According to the articles, “Are High School Sports Good for Kids?” by Daniel Gould, “What in the Name of High School Football” by Hank Hill, “High School, College Football Comes with Risk” by Jeffrey Perkel don’t all agree with the idea of sports. Also in the video clips, “Do Athletes Face Unnecessary Parent Pressure?”, “Notebook: Kids and Sports,” “Report: Pressure on Teen Athletes Soars” and “Sports: How Much is Too Much?” they give the many pros and cons of this argument. Sports are good for students because they have the potential to provide confidence, improved health, improved academic grades and can lead to a college scholarship, even though injuries at risk.

Sports give children the opportunity to get scholarships and other educational benefits. For instance, “the mission statement of the National Federation of State High School Activity Association indicates that it promotes “participation and sportsmanship” in an effort to “develop good citizens through interscholastic activities.” (Gould 1) This states that sports basically provide equitable opportunities, positive recognition and learning experiences to students while maximizing the achievement of educational goals. Researches have shown that the participation in them and adolescents. For example, “a multiyear study conducted in Michigan has shown that children who participate in sports have increased educational aspirations, closer ties to school and increased occupational aspirations in youth.” (Gould 1) This states that it has been demonstrated that participation in school sports have a number of desirable benefits.

Sports also give you the opportunity to not only stay fit but healthy. Sports can prevent heart disease. For example, “The single greatest factor in preventing the nation’s number one killer, heart disease, is a regular and vigorous exercise, and that gets my vote.” (Hill 1) Sports can be dangerous but Hank feels that the benefits of each group are unfair. “We have an epidemic of obesity in this country, and sports are one of the best ways for kids to incorporate exercise in their lives.” (Perkel 2) This shows that sports do often keep you healthy and they do keep you safe from diseases.

One the other hand, although sports are good in many ways, younger players can get severely injured. This can cause nausea, dizziness and trouble concentrating. A researcher said she was surprised to find that the distribution of injuries differed, with fractures and concussions. For instance, “injuries to the lower leg, ankle and foot were common at both the high school and college levels.” (Perkel 2) In the opinion of this writer, those common injuries will not necessarily predict what might happen. “So sports and recreation can cause injury, the experts say, especially when safety equipment is lacking or safety rules are ignored.” (Perkel 2) This writer thinks, and their protective equipment fits properly and is in good repair, these little common injuries will not produce. Although, there are many defaults, the benefits overtake the change of possible injuries.

Sports are good for students because they have the potentials to provide confidence, improved health, improved academic grades and can lead to a college scholarship even though injuries are a risk. Sports give children the opportunity to get scholarships and other educational benefits. Sports also give you the opportunity to not only stay fit, but healthy. Moreover, sports are still a desirable activity for students to participate in. Although participating in sports have their amny flaws, the bottom line in the opinion of this writer the benefits outweigh the little harm.

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