Fast Food Not to Blame for Americans Obesity

Topics: Nutrition, Food, Eating Pages: 1 (346 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Fast Food Industry Not to Blame for Obesity

Shoving bad food into your mouth at a fast food restaurant isn’t your fault, it’s the industry that is to blame. Now that doesn’t sound right, does it? In today’s society, Americans tend to think that something isn’t our fault, that someone else is to blame, this is called the blame game. Carl Pickhardt claims, “Blame never resolves conflict; it only protracts conflict by inflaming whatever grievance is involved.” Prolonging the confilct by blaming is what Americans continue to do, and Carl Pickhardt continues to state, “So why blame? As stated at the outset, blame is an act of charging some offense against another person or oneself. Because it is an act of judgment about being wronged or being in the wrong it is often propelled by anger.” People have became angered by their weight problems and they are not realizing that it is themselves in the wrong, not the fast food restaurant they are eating at.

When people go out to eat at a fast food restaurant often, they begin to think and eat differently than they normally would just eating at home. Jenny Murphy pointed out that, “As American eat out more and more frequently, they become accustomed to those oversized portion, and think that such portions are normal. The high calorie content of these large servings leads to weight gain for regular fast food customers, and obesity can lead to many dangerous health problems.” In this last quote, Jenny Murphy states that regular fast food customers are the ones gaining weight, so maybe if the regular customers stop going there as often it might help them in the long run. People become unaware of the product that they are consuming and it begins to be too much and they begin to feel fuller than they normally would. After doing this for extended periods of time, the mind begins to think that it is not full unless you consume more than you normally would have. Due to this factor, most americans tend to gain weight....
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