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Fast food refers about food such as hamburgers which is prepared quickly and that we can take away with us. It is served at a counter or drive-tru window without to wait at a long time and do not employ wait staff, customers simply seat themselves after ordering. Fast foods are ready to eat alternatives to home cooked food. They are readily available and can be eaten at ones own convenience. However, it is necessary that we know the benefits as well as the negative effects of eating fast foods which compromise our lifestyle, health and effects on children.

Eating fast food can benefit our way of lifestyle. Fast food can save time in today’s fast-paced society which is people can order first on their way to or from work without ever leaving their car. Moreover, it is designed to come in small packaging so that people can consume it while travelling. In fact, it can save a lot of money for large families, students and anyone else looking to eat. For example, there are many fast food chains offer discount menus with foods costing a dollar or less. Furthermore, customers also avoid having to leave a tip when they choose a fast food restaurant. It seems that fast food has become a routine matter of life. Whether it is due to the ingredients such as trans-fats or the negative health impact for the example like diabetes or being related to obesity, it is in fact fast food that dominates an individual’s life. Fast food results in consuming more calories than the desired level which normally results in extra weight gain. Environmental factors like eating fast food regularly could increase the undesired risk of obesity. Food is normally high in calories which results in eating too much calories. It can lead to an extra weight gain and ultimately obesity. People that have habit of eating fast food consume more calories as compared with people who are not habitual of eating fast food. People...
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