Fast and Feast

Topics: Theology, Christianity, Complaint Pages: 3 (1065 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Over the course of this five-day period I have gained much more experience than I thought I would. On the first day of this project I thought it would be easy and did not try to hard to complete my fasting feasting statement of fasting on complaining and feasting on appreciation. As I reflected on the day, I found that I complained even more than I thought. I didn’t realize it as it was happening but while reflecting, I realized how often I do it without noticing. At the end of the day I vowed to work more on the appreciation part of the project and over the next four days I tried to do so. On Wednesday, I was appreciative and prayed like I said I would. When I found that I was appreciative I just said a small thank you to God and I was proud of all the feasting that I had done. However, I found that even though I was appreciative I was still complaining. One of the things we, as Christians, are asked to do during Lent is make a sacrifice that will help us focus on resisting worldly distractions. Although complaining is not what you would normally think of as a worldly distraction such as TV or the computer, it still distracts me from God. During the first two days I realized that I had to balance my appreciation and complaining. I could not focus wholly on one or else I would forget about the other. On both Thursday and Friday of that week I tried my best to concentrate on both my feasting and fasting and learned by the end how to keep from complaining but also appreciate everything I am given and all the opportunities I have. One of these spoken opportunities was the chance to go on the Mid-night Run. It was very fitting that this was the last day of my five-day fasting/feasting project because I feel like I was most appreciative during this day. All the people on the Mid-night Run went into NY City and handed out clothes and food to the homeless. At first I tried to be impartial to the whole matter because I did not want to cry in the middle of a city street....
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