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Fashion Show Report

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Concerned Youth for Peace carried out a talent show on Saturday the 22nd of March 2008 at the Kawangware sports ground. It was initially meant to be a fashion show but due to the time limitation and late disbursement of funds we found it difficult to undertake the fashion show as agreed on the grant proposal.

The disbursement of funds was done on the 20th /03/08 by the lead agency, Youth Initiatives Kenya YIKE). The amount received as funded and agreed was 80,000shs whose 10% went to the lead agency(YIKE). Implementation of activities began upon the release of the grant.

This project incorporated youth from different ethnic backgrounds which was considered as an achievement in that specific area. Most of the young people got to expose their talents i.e in music, fashion show and sports. It helped build their self esteem and confidence to face a crowd and also enhanced team work amongst themselves.


This particular project, unlike others, incorporated various activities to cover all social aspects of the young person. Other initiatives done earlier by CYP concentrated more on specific issues. However the talent show covered areas of music, fashion show, sports and dialogue. Of all these, fashion show turned out to be the most captivating of all where all exposed what they could do in the cat walk industry. Participants were free to showcase what they felt good to them and there was a free flow of shows.

They were later awarded with certificates of participation to motivate them in the future and remind them of this exciting event. It was a good break from normalcy in their daily lives.


There was a short period of time for implementing the planning of the fashion show and this led to the change of activities and re-naming of the event to a talent show which seemed more applicable at that particular period. Logistics of the program were also changed e.g. money meant to be spent on judges covered hiring of tents and seats.

Not enough grant to run the event also triggered change in various aspects i.e. training of models, producing posters and sensitization of the event to the community effectively.


The talent show was an eye opener to a lot of young people and as organizers we got to deal with youth from diverse back grounds. The young people got to participate in dialogue that was aimed at motivating them to work as a youth and not as individuals. Drug abuse has always been a big issue in this society and the youth are willing to play a part in changing the culture around their neighborhoods by having drug awareness programs in their youth groups to curb crime and violence.

Discovering of gifts and talents was however revealed as the young person played a part in the event. After the event they pledged to use the resources they have at their disposal to make opportunities for exposure happen regularly in their lives and communities.

The spirit of team building to create a better Kenya and reduce the emerging wide line between the rich and the poor is there. The youth want to exploit their talents in doing what they believe is essential for development in society and in Kenya, other than waiting for support from donor organization who are not always available.


The youth have been neglected in terms articulating their issues and when they do, no one pays attention to their statements especially from poor urban settlements. What we learnt in this activity is that:

~ Their statements do make a difference in the lives of their peers. ~ They are more influential to this generation considering they play a part in building or destroying the society. ~ They are willing to participate in reconstruction of their communities. ~ They would live a positive life if given a chance to with no discrimination. ~ They are open to ideas to help re arrange their lives and society. ~ Unemployment is still a hindering issue among so many of them.


It is still a challenge for the young people to afford their daily basic needs. This brings about the need to have more constructive amenities available, using the resources they have on the training on technical skills, not just to see their talents put to use but also to assist them create sustainable incoming generating avenues to improve their living standards.

Capacity building programs participate in generating solutions for their peer problems since they understand them better than their non-peers do; that means talk shows and debates should be encouraged.The youth should be allowed to reach their fellow youth in different marginalized or stigmatised communities and constituencies.


Being involved with young people in exploiting the best in them and showing them that they play a part in buiding their lives is in itself motivation to keep them participating in as many activities as possible, which in time leads to their changing their mindset to a positive attitude. Having a powerful mindset is the greatest weapon to humanity since it can either build or destroy ideas.

“The time is always ripe to do what is right”
Martin Luther King Jnr




Certificates 10,000shs Transport for organizers and lunch 12,500shs
Communication 2,500shs PA system 11.000shs Awards 6000shs Video and photography 4000shs

Refreshments 6000shs Tent and seats 9000shs Total 61,000shs

The first project done by the Concerned Youth for Peace (CYP) which was a peace walk left CYP with a debt to our lead agency, Youth Initiatives Kenya (YIKE). The amount was 11,000shs which was the 10% of the grant received of 110,000shs.

That was however deducted from this projects amount (fashion show). The total for fashion show was 80,000shs whose 10% was going to YIKE.The total amount deducted was 19,000shs( 8,000shs plus 11,000shs for the peace walk).This was agreed between the two organizations.

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