Farm Life Chores

Topics: 1930s, Modern history, Time Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Summary #1: Chores by Claudia Reinhardt and Bill Genzel, 2003 Families that lived in a farm in the 1930s, spent most of their time trying to raise their own food. An interviewer that lived in a southern farm in the 30s said on a daily routine in the farm the following words: "We were always busy. You had chores in those days to do... You came home from school, did your chores, helped with supper, get your lessons, and by that time it's almost bedtime." Many chores had to be done daily, and some chores had to get done more than once a day. (E.g. gathering eggs- once a day, milking the cows- a few times a day). Also, there were chores that needed to get done before the sun rises, a thing that caused the farmers to get up very early. The women had an important part in maintenance of the farm and the house as well; they sewed and washed clothes, by hand. They baked, cleaned and preserved food. Some chores took many hours and some were very unpleasant.

Another interviewer, named Millie Opitz said that she remembers all the work she had to do as a woman on the farm, as well as she remembers the way her children grew up on the farm. She believes that kids growing up today would never understand the lifestyle of the 1930s. She also thinks they wouldn’t be able to handle those chores and lifestyle, because she believes that kids nowadays are used to the technological modern age too much, and that they barely know the old ways and traditions. "Go push a button and get it on the computer".

Hard working farmers on their daily routine.
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