Fargo Movie

Topics: Peter Stormare, National Film Registry, Fargo Pages: 3 (1118 words) Published: November 6, 2009
Fargo Movie

This movie is strikingly funny and at the same time, quite disturbing. The twist is very sharp and hooks people watching it. The character of Sheriff Marge is no doubt the most attractive point in the film. Her character is self-possessed, and generally content and easily pleased although she has seen the worst of human nature. She's married to Norm, a normal guy who cooks breakfast, and fishes, and paints birds (his work becomes featured on the U.S. $.03 cent stamp). The characters of Marge and Lundegaard are quite the opposites. Their separate scenes together embody hinge parts of the movie. She represents moral strength, and courage, and she is satisfied with her normal life. Lundegaard, on the other hand, plays a weak, afraid, and envious of the wealth and achievements of other people. He show that little crimes, such as lying to sell extras on cars, can lead to bigger crimes, such as the kidnapping of his wife to gain the ransom money from his father-in-law. His incompetence and weakness has led to the death of seven people, and has brought himself to jail. There are lots of scenes that show the difference between these two strong characters in the movie. One scene that particularly strikes me was the scene at the latter part of the movie where Marge praised and acknowledges her husband’s accomplishments even if it’s not that big. That just shows that Marge is not really after the money but just the effort and simplicity of their lives. This contradicts the scene where Lundeggard keeps on pursuing his costumers to pay additional expenses in their cars that are actually unnecessary and just offered because it will be a cut off for him. This scene would really show what such a rascal Lundeggard is and how unreasonable he can be. The opening of the movie is where Lundegaard towing the tan Sierra from his own lot across the state line to the kidnappers conveys the tacky nature of the crime, a very interesting start that will make the viewers...
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