Farewell Arabia

Topics: United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: March 16, 2013
Actually this is my first time that I had watched this film, but I heard about it from some student while I was in secondary school. I thought from the beginning that the film will be nice and interesting, because it will talk about something important such as Arabia worlds and Sheikh Zayed from the past. I didn’t think that some foreign person will make a video about Arabia world, which told me that our world is interesting to talk about. I feel so excited to complete watching the film, and know what else were happened in that years. I don’t know that some women go out to sell fish or other stuff, because as I know that they just set at home and work inside it. My father sheikh Zayed until knows they talk about hem in good way and what he does in the past. So I didn’t surprise about anything, because he jokes with other people and played with hem, talk and without limit between them. I let my grandmother to watch this video with me, and she talked about sheikh Zayed and how he was with people and how he deals with them, also she told me about United Arab Emirates before. What the female they were doing at that time. In the film I saw many scenes from my culture like hunting, traditional dancing and fishing. How male make the boat in the past. The door wasn’t close, because they didn’t have a lot of room to treat patients, so every one of patients came and set in the same room while the doctor chick other patients. I think this is high context, because they set together and feel comfortable. I think if the narrator doesn’t see anything important in sheikh Zayed he will not talk about hem. For example, he saw in hem that he is a good leader, he think about his people and society, how he thinks to build his environment. Also, sheikh Zayed and how he thought about future. And what he does to be our country like this.
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