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Kite Runner

By EdwardWang1 Feb 11, 2013 645 Words
I ran. A grown man running with a swarm of screaming children. But I didn’t care. I ran with the wind blowing in my face, and a smile as wide as the valley of Panjsher on my lips. This is the ending of the international bestseller novel, written by Khaled Hosseini. It tells the story of 12 years old rich Afghanistan master Amir and his father's servant’s son Hassan friendship story, the author has not very beautifully written, she's only use the light soft words and draw the outline of the family and friendship, betrayal and redemption, but give me a shock by the power of literacy. When the servant Hassan, Amir best partners, by other rich children besieged in the corner with violence, Amir – Hassan’s most trusted friend, just hided in the dark corner watching quietly, until the tears still can't stand. But he still can’t help Hassan, I heard the voice of the breaking the heart. Amir was feared to face Hassan, unable to live with Hassan. Even the last frame him, let he left the house forever. Amir felt so guilty and regret when he knows that Hassan is his half-brother. Middle aged Amir learned the news about Hassan, but he was not afraid of the regardless of danger, home to Afghanistan, started the redemption. But time is terrible, because it can change anything. Finally Amir came back to his hometown, witnessed the change of his hometown by the war. At the same time, he also met childhood butler, saw the ruined house, and learned Hassan's death. Although Hassan is dead, Amir’s salvation did not stop, Hassan’s only son Sohrab was controlled by the rivals of Amir’s childhood. His cowardice and guilty intertwined him..., a redemption began again. The end of the story, Amir saved Soharb, but the mental pain had completely lost his feelings, only about kite - that Hassan and Amir childhood favorite plaything, would made Sohrab to laugh. Isabel Allende estimated this novel unforgettable, extraordinary and powerful. Compared with other novels, ‘the kite runner’ is easier to read. The words and sentences are simple and easy to understand. Through this novel I learned the background of the old Afghanistan and the USA. I believe that Khaled Hosseini is expert in writing the feeling of the people, so that it shows so many characters in this novel. For example, Amir’s cowardice made him would not dare protect Hassan. Hassan said yes when baba asked whether Hassan stole the money and the watch to protect Amir. It is a sharp contrast to reveal their different personality. And the way baba treated his two sons are definitely different. It seemed like baba is partial when he was teaching his children. Actually it’s the diverse love of his father. The author describes the feelings meticulously, such as the fear, nervous, jealous, and regret. He also describes the characters by their conversation. For instance, Amir asked Hassan if he will eat the dirt if he asks him to do it. Hassan answered will you ask me to do that? I think it is an obvious quotation to illustrate the inverse nature of the two boys. And when Soharb asked if he could go to America, Amir tongue-tied and say if he can go to the orphanage. He repeated please, no and god. Soharb felt hopeless. When I read this paragraph I have already guess that he may do that silly suicide. In conclusion, this novel is worth to read. Not only because it is the international bestseller but also a great novel to describe the humanity. ‘the kite runner’ is a case to show the power of literacy. Whatever the words, sentences or conversation, all of them are the art of literacy. It will be unforgettable, and Hassan and Amir will impressed me for a long time.

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