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Famous Thinkers

By sprkang Jul 21, 2013 651 Words
Since the beginning of time there have been many famous thinkers and some of the individuals made a difference in society. Not only did he or she think each of them where creative in their own way. Martin Luther King jr. made a difference in society he made contribution. Before he led the segregation black people were not allowed to seat in a bus where white people had a priority to seat and black people had to stand up. He was upset when Rosa Parks was denied a seat because of the color of her skin. Martin Luther King Jr. took a stand to defend the people rights for there was no equality or justice for color people. Both parents of Martin Luther King Jr. parents could not shield him completely from racism. “He saw much in the world that was out of harmony with God, including segregation in the Southern U.S.”(Leonard, 1998). MLK believe if people truly had a deep relationship with god, then the individual could not hate but instead love. “The real problem is that through our scientific genius we've made of the world a neighborhood, but through our moral and spiritual genius we've failed to make of it a brotherhood” (Leonard, 1998). In 1963, during the massive March on Washington by some 250,000 people in behalf of jobs and freedom, King delivered his best-known speech “I have a dream,” expressed his hope for a better future. He had faith in his vision for the world (Leonard, 1998). MLK was a creative thinker, he in vision and wanted for his community to have a better life. People of color did not have the same rights as the white individuals, color people were only associated with the people. Color did the same job but not paid the same as white were afraid of them and discriminated in every way. Time has changed since MLK was alive; because of MLK he saw and felt the need the every person whether your white or color deserves justice and equal rights like our constitution mention “all men are created equal”.

MLK had faced many problems during his time and he knew it need it to be resolve. It took a lot of time to be able to think in many ways to be a resolve each problem. As he was an activism he faced problem during the Civil Rights movement. Every time MLK went he was harassed by the government and media. Since he became an activism and had rally’s with other individuals’ who wanted the same thing as MLK, he received hundreds of calls, letters that threatened to kill him and even the people who were against MLK threw a bomb to his house no one was injured the day it happen. He had so many obstacles but it did not stop him there at all as he kept going even though he got arrested numerous times during the movement.

“Violence never brings permanent peace, it solves no social problems, it merely creates new and more complicated ones. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it” (Leonard, 1998). MLK foresaw that our country can do much so much more for color people. During this time he realizes that in this country not only did the color were poor but also the white. He also realizes there was class inequalities and racism needing it to be addressed. “He knew that for change to be achieved, the privileged had to be forced to share the vast resources which they exploited and hoarded for themselves” (Jackson, 2007). MLK wanted to do a mass movement were the community got involve in a widespread nonviolent protest; not only did he wanted the black community to get involve but people of color as the people of united states country got into strike and realize they are also important as the white people are.

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