Family upbringing

Topics: Mother, Father, Family Pages: 3 (1043 words) Published: June 6, 2015
Family Upbringing Paper/Reflection
The way parents bring us up influence all our further life. With our mothers’ milk we absorb cultural values of our family. Unconsciously we live our life by modeling the lifestyle of the parents. The family is an institution of education and socialization. Russia is considered to be a collectivistic country. However there is a tendency nowadays especially for teens who strive to be more independent. On the one hand parents have taught me some individualistic values. For example, they never wake me up in the morning to go school, never learn my homework with me and check whether it is done or not, never impose their point of view. There was no need to make me do something. The initiative was always from my side. In this way little by little they help me to form my independence and to step into an adult life without any hesitations. Thanks to them I value personal freedom, self-sufficiency, self-reliance, control over my own life and I appreciate the unique qualities that distinguish me from others today. On the other hand parents have taught me some collectivistic values: to help others, to be generous, to feel happy and proud for somebody’s success. Now I consider that my individualistic features prevail over my collectivistic ones and that is proved by the results of the online survey. The results of the survey on the site showed that I am a high individualist (my score is 37 from 40) and I am a moderate collectivist (my score is 27 from 40). Qualities that describe me very well are: one should live one's life independently of others; what happens to me is my own doing; I prefer to be direct and forthright when discussing with people; it is important to maintain harmony within my group. Speaking about masculinity and femininity features I can say that there are big differences across cultures in terms of gender roles. In my family from the childhood I and my sister was raised in such a way which formed our qualities...
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