Family Systems Theory

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Family Systems Theory: Family Cohesion

When growing up families are and have been considered systems because they are made up of interrelated elements or objectives. Families are examples to show that they have regular behaviors, they have regular interactions, and they are interdependent on one another.  It is believed the family can be defined as a set of interacting individuals who are related by blood, marriage, cohabitation, or adoption. Although they are numerous in number some functions of the family include values and practices placed on theories that are used to explain patterns of living among the individuals who make up the family systems. In system theory, behaviors and family members responses influence the regulation of the family pattern and the family life pattern. Meanings and values are vital components of the family system and provide motivation and energy. Every family has a unique culture, value, structure, and history. We can choose our friends and sometimes even the people we choose to work with, but we cannot in any way choose who our family members are. We are stuck with them for better or for worse and we are bound together forever; fortunately or unfortunately. As individuals, we are each are unique in more ways than can we can even begin to list Because of this, family members don’t always get along and disagreements can be expected. Family cohesion is important. Families who have healthy levels of cohesion emotionally interact with one another and find the unspoken balance that supports us when we want our very own individual independence and in the same hand we can continue to maintain our family togetherness. Healthy family cohesion is not only strength, but a resource for families that will assist them in facing the daily challenges of family life. This system helps with assisting in maintaining a healthy marriage, and in providing a nurturing environment for all the children if present within the family.   Family members from...
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