The Differentiation Of Family Systems Theory

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According to Bowen (1978), the purpose of the family systems theory is to establish a better level of differentiation with your family of origin, which means you have a better level of resolved emotional issues with them. The Differentiation of Self Scale is an important concept in this theory. The two extremes of this scale are people with low levels of differentiation or people with high levels of differentiation. People who are less differentiated from their family of origin have their identities intertwined with their family, whereas people who are more differentiated have their own sense of self.

The Christian model of counselling used in this interview is a product of the work of Selwyn Hughes...

With reference to the genogram (see Appendix A), he comes from a complex ‘family of origin.’ His dad was married and divorced twice, and had three children resulting from his previous marriages, before he married Jenny. Jenny was also married and divorced once, previously to marrying Richard. The relationship between Jenny and Richard only lasted two years, before ending in divorce. Then, Richard started dating Besty, and they had an on-off relationship that continued until his death in 2012. Jenny entered into a legal cohabiting relationship with Ronnie Ross, which was also an on-off relationship that continued until her death in 2004.

According to Nystul (1993), Grant Orpen is in the young adult developmental stage, as he is 29 years old. He longs to get married and desperately wants a place of security and a place to call home. Until recently, he was an 11-month relationship with a Canadian girl, Rebecca, who broke off the relationship, which he was and still is hoping will materialise into marriage. He is currently unemployed.

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