Family Problems

Topics: Family, Mother, Boy Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Ja’Rod Plunkett

Family Problems Resulting in Incarcerated
Do family problems affect children from reaching full potential? It all starts on your definition of potential or goals. Also does it affect the way young boys and girls grow up and treat each other growing up? Does not having a father in a child’s life impact that child’s future? Men/fathers

I believe that a boy or young man growing up needs a father. Don’t get me wrong a child with only a mother throughout they life can overcome some obstacles but not most. I mean having uncles and grandfathers can help but I believe you need that dad figure in your life. A mother can teach you manners, how to act in certain places and a lot more but a father shows you how to be a man. All fathers aren’t men though; some men are not responsible and disrespect their wife. Family problems can vary from a wide range of how the parents were raised; it’s a reoccurring cycle in my eyes. What I mean by that is if a boy experienced his father beat his mother, it’s a chance he will beat his wife and if they have a child that child might see that and do it. Or maybe if a boy never seen his father he might not be around his child to see him develop or grow up which goes into a child needing to be taught to be a man. Some fathers can teach a boy how to be strong, respectful, and a provider for a family, but we don’t have too many of those fathers in today’s society especially in the black community. If men would step up and be a father and show respect to the women in their life things would change. Men in the family show the boys to respect and teach the boys how to go about courting a women or a young lady, and they can show their little girls how they should be treated by young men and how they should approach you as a young lady. Also teach young ladies how to uphold yourself as a young lady, you don’t have to wear revealing clothing to get attention, cause that attention you looking for goes towards those...

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