Describe with Examples the Kinds of Influences That Effect Children and Young People’s Development

Topics: Childhood, Emotion, Developmental psychology Pages: 6 (1802 words) Published: January 12, 2013
Family Dynamics
Family dynamics can have a positive effect on child’s development because the child will feel settle and have a positive input into their lives and good support to help them develop and achieve what they want to achieve, this has a positive effect on their behaviour to. If family dynamics are negative then this have a negative affect on their developments such as divorce because the child may be spending time at different house and having one parent missing so they will feel unsettled and not able to concentrate on things. They may also experience missing one of their parents of relatives being in prison.

Parent styles.
Parents who think that education is not important have a negative input so they don’t encourage their children to get a good education here as a parent who has a good educations ants their child to get the best education and will encourage them to do more. Some parents lack the knowledge and skill to find better opportunities for their children so they don’t always get the best opportunities but parents with the knowledge and skills can give their child better opportunities to develop. Also parents with a lack of ability will not be able to help their children with their homework as well as if those parents had a good education. Children whose parents have no interested in their development will suffer because they won’t be given the support they need where as children whose parents take an interest in their development will develop more because they will be encourage to. Parents how have high expectations to achieve will push their child’s abilities more.

Poverty for children means that they will have a poor quality of life so they will not always have the best diet for them to develop. It has an effect on the children’s social development because they may not be able to participate in clubs that their friends take part in such as swimming or brownies because their parents can’t afford the extra money to send them there. They may also feel singled out from their peers because their family can’t afford fashionable clothes like the latest trainers or toys that their friends have. Poor communities have lower aspirations than those in a richer community and the child may not be given the motivation to achieve higher. Poverty can be good for development in where they stand in the family because they will do more activities as a family.

Culture and religion can have a negative and positive affect on a child’s development. It can have a positive affect because different cultures have a large extended family and a good support network so the child can get lots of different support and different advice not just from one person so they will develop a broader way of thinking. It different cultures children will have a wider stimulating environment such as books and art so that they gain more emotional, social and intellectual development and experiences. Culture and religion can also have negative affects to a child’s development because they may not mix with other people outside of their community or culture. They may not get the experiences of other cultures so their social confidence outside of their culture may be poor. Children from different culture may have different views to what kind of behavioural is acceptable in different situations such a poor empathy to situation that they feel in their culture isn’t such a big deal or that it is a bigger deal than other people think.


Sleep & diet

Lack of sleep can affect a child intellectual development because if they are tired they may not be to concentrate as much as they should or for as long as if they had the right amount of sleep. If a child has enough sleep they can participate more in physical activities and will have the ability to concentrate longer. Poor diet can cause a child to become obsess and unhealthy because they will not get the victims they need for...
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