Family Observation

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COUN 732.191 Family Counseling

General Family Description

The General Family Description is that of a family of my acquaintance that emigrated from the country of Georgia to the U.S. All members of the family are Georgian.

• Zaza - 73 year old, white male, retired factory worker, Katy's grandfather. Zara functions along with his wife Lea, (who does not figure in this interaction) as the parent for Katy during the workday.

• Kvely - 45 year old white male, the son of Zaza and the father of Katy and Lela. Kvely is University educated and was an entrepreneur and had a small but successful business in Georgia. He won the lottery to gain US citizenship, and thought it would be best for the family’s future to migrate to the U.S. where there would be more opportunity- especially for his children. However, his lack of fluid English and his skills and prior experience have not been valued highly in the US and he has been forced into menial work to make ends meet. His loss of personal pride and his diminished self- confidence are a large stressor for this family that must struggle now on several levels.

• Eka - 44 year old, white woman, a program assistant in an adult day care center. She is the wife of Kvely and mother of two daughters, Katy and Lela.

• Lela - 17 year old girl, senior high school student, the elder daughter of Kvely and Eka.

• Katy - 4 year old girl. The youngest daughter of Eka and Kvely and the granddaughter of Zaza. She stays with her Grandparents during the day.


Eka came home from work at 5:30 pm. The house was empty. Eka went into the kitchen to put the groceries away and cook dinner. After some time, her eldest daughter, Lela, came home. Lela shouted to Eka that she was at home, and heard her mother answer, "How was your day?" Lela does not respond, does not come to her mother, and goes straight to her room.

At 6 pm Eka's father-in-law, Zaza, returned to the house. He brought Eka’s youngest daughter, Katy. Eka cordially welcomed him and invited him in. Lela went to meet her grandfather. They hugged and went into the living-room where Lela began telling him about her plans after high school, and Kety showed him her new toy - a pink teddy bear.

Eka finished cooking dinner and phoned her husband, Kvely, to find out when he planned to be home. When she heard from him that she should not wait for him, that he would be delayed, her face became tight, and she seemed upset, but she said everything was “OK” to him, and maintained control of her emotions and started to set the dinner table. Laughter and lively conversation from her daughters and grandfather were heard from the living-room. At 6:30 pm Eka called her father-in-law and daughters to the table. Her father-in-law sat at the head table. Eka sat on the right side of him, and the girls sat on the left. During the dinner, Lela helped her youngest sister by holding the large plates and bowls while her sister spooned some steaming food onto her plate. During the dinner, the family chatted easily. They recalled some events from the day, laughing at some funny or unusual incidents. After dinner, Katy took her grandfather to her room where they stayed for a short time (about 20 minutes); Lela helped her...
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