Family Involvement

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Assignment One:
Family Involvement
Jessica Cunha
Anna Koloszyc
CLD 364
Monday, February 7th, 2011

Families are involved in their children’s learning through many different means. Parents are greeted by the kindergarten teachers at morning drop off and at the end of the day for dismissal and if any information needs to be disclosed or discussed the teachers and parents will take that opportunity to communicate with each other. Communication to families is also done through letters that go home whenever there is important information that needs to be shared. This works successfully for the parents who have nannies or relatives drop off and pick up their children. In this case, when face to face contact is not being made with parents and teachers, notes and letters that go home is an effective communication tool. Daily involvements of the parents in the classroom are very minimal. On Friday’s, the students bring home their homework book and are asked to complete a certain section over the weekend with the help of their family. Also, reading packages go home with every child once a week where they are asked to read the book with their family and participate in the given activities that come along with the book package. This gives the parents a chance to understand what their child is learning at school but also an opportunity to get involved in their learning. Furthermore, when help is needed around the classroom parent volunteers are used to help with cutting out shapes, certain activities with the children, stapling, decorating the classroom, etc. During special events and parties, parents are kindly asked to volunteer their time and effort to help the event run smoothly. Parents are never forced or made to help but are kindly asked. The communication between the teachers and the parents is seen as very important at this placement. Parents seem to be very aware of what they are expected to do within the classroom and at home, and are supporting...

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