broken family

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In the Philippines, Family is defined as the small unit of society where students got their first learning about the world before they engage themselves in the real scenarios of life. It is believed that parents are the first advisers of their kids who will teach them everything about all aspects of life including education. Filipinos nurture the value of family and their importance to one’s life. Filipinos are well-known of having close family ties that love, respect, support and understand one another. An individual cannot achieve his or her goals without the necessary supports from the family. The family becomes the major inspiration of students to work hard and earn better grades so that one day they can help their family. Most of Filipino students believed that a perfect family can bring them hope, luck, success and a better life in the future. But if these things are not found in one student’s life, delay or halt and even absence of education might occur. There are many difficulties faced by students while they are studying such as financial constraints, drug addiction, suspension from school, involvement in different fraternities, attached in relationships, unwillingness to attend classes and many more. But one of the most crucial problems to be considered that disturb students from their education is having a broken family. There are many reasons why some families are experiencing this kind of problem but one thing is certain, it deeply affects the life of children or students. This kind of problem can lead to psychological, emotional, spiritual and even mental breakdown on the students. If these problems are not given proper attention that it needs, it may lead to madness which sometimes resulted to suicide. One of the most influential but neglected supports for children’s learning and development is family involvement both in and out of school. Over 40 years of steadily accumulating evidence show that family involvement is one of the strongest predictors of children’s school success, and that families play pivotal roles in their children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development from birth through adolescence. However, resources for and commitments to promoting meaningful family involvement have been few, weak, and inconsistent. Current education policy creates “random acts of family involvement” (Gil Kressley, 2008) instead of building a coherent, comprehensive, continuous, and equitable approach to involvement. This underscores the need for broader understanding of the potential benefits of more strategic and systemic investments in family involvement in education, particularly for disadvantaged children. Family involvement is defined as co-constructed, shared responsibility because meaningful and effective involvement includes not just parents’, caregivers’, and teachers’ behaviors, practices, attitudes, and involvement with the institutions where children learn, but also these institutions’ expectations, outreach, partnerships, and interactions with families. Families, schools, and communities must together construct family involvement, actively taking part and sharing responsibility in building mutually respectful relationships and partnerships. The family is the child’s channel of contact with the world. The child as a result, acquires initial education and socialization from parents and other significant members of the family. Agulana (1999) stated that the family lays the psychological, moral and spiritual foundation in the overall development of the child. There is no such thing as the perfect family. Every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes families get overwhelmed by what seems like an endless list of challenges when it comes to juggling work, school and individual family members' needs. 

Over the past 20 years single-parent families have become even more common than the so-called "nuclear family" consisting of a...
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