Family Relationships

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Write about the setting for the story

The setting for the story Step by Wicked Step is one dark stormy night when five schoolchildren on a school trip stayed in a towering mansion. They found secret tower room that was hidden behind a wall. The lights in the mansion were not working and they has to depend on the streaks of lightning and the moonlight for light.

The tower room, covered in a coat of dust, had not been used for a long time. There were heavy drapes, plain dark coverlet and frame old maps. A dusty green album revealed the story of Richard Clayton Harwick’s journal entitiled” My story, Read and Weep. Following this each one of them related their own sad story of their broken homes and relationship with their family members.

Time :
1)Evening- party meals organized by Stella for Claudia father thirty- seventh birthday. 2) Night- Claudia decides to make something for her stepmother when she fells sorry for her. Location
1) Her granny’s house- her father stays in her granny’s after argue with her mother 2) Stella’s house – the party meal for her fathers’ birthday and the things she does for Stella.

Richard related the story of his life with his stepfather and he ran away to escape his problems. All the five children symphatised with Richard’s situation and they each has their own sad tale to tell.

The setting enhances the plot of the story by providing the atmosphere for the story. The tower was dark except for flashes of lightning and later the moonlight. It gave the children the mood and courage to tell their story. The dust in the room symbolized their past which should be wiped away so they could look forward to a brighter future.

Write about difficult decision made by one of the characters

The novel Step by Wicked Step is about five schoolchildren who found and read Richard Clayton Harwick’s journal of his life with his stepfather and his running away from home. The five children were inspired to...
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