Family Health Assessment Paper

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Family Health Assessment
Julie Luciano
Grand Canyon University
NRS 429 Family Health Promotion
November 2, 2009

Family Health Assessment
Conducting a thorough assessment of a families health, and health beliefs is important in understanding the family as a whole unit. “A comprehensive family assessment provides the foundation to promote family health” (Edelman & Mandle, 2006, p. 154). Once a health assessment is completed, the nurse can initiate health promotion and disease prevention activities to assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle. In this paper, the findings of a complete family health assessment, including nursing diagnoses and resources will be summarized. Eleven Functional Health Patterns

A middle class, Caucasian family was interviewed, and a complete health assessment was conducted. The family present in the home consisted of a father, age 55, his daughter, age 29, and the daughter’s son, age 12. The eleven functional health patterns of this family were assessed and are summarized as follows. Great value is placed on family as a whole. This family has a strong bond between each other that has helped them through tough times. Another value of importance is honesty and trust. It is important that they be truthful to each other in order to maintain trust within the family. This family voiced their view of health perception as “not being ill”. Although they would ideally like to be healthy, they engage in non-healthy behaviors such as smoking cigarettes daily and small amounts of alcohol intake. Concerns were voiced regarding smoking cessation, but it was stated “smoking is something we enjoy”. All members of the household recognize that greater focus should be placed on nutrition. The family reports that due to busy lifestyles including work and school, they have difficulty preparing healthy, nutritious meals. Fast food and processed foods are relied upon often, due to lack of time and energy. All three members of the household report being overweight due to lack of adequate nutrition. The father works the graveyard shift at a local grocery store and sleeps approximately six to seven hours per night, and has done this for over 25 years. Daughter and son report getting 8-10 hours of sleep on a regular basis. With a busy lifestyle of work, school, and extracurricular activities, they report “they do not always feel rested”. This family reports no problems with bowel movements. All three members report having regular bowel movements on a daily basis. The family reports attempting to exercise regularly, but with busy schedules of work and school it is not consistent. Another setback stated is weather. In Arizona, heat plays a role in this family’s activity level in the summer. In winter months, the family engages in outdoor activities such as hiking and walking. The father and daughter have a high school level education. The son currently is in elementary school in the sixth grade. The family reports learning in a multimodal style including aural and visual. All members of the family have normal hearing and visual screening tests without the use of assistive devices. This family once viewed themselves as a strong family unit. After the death of the wife, mother, and grandmother in 2007 due to cancer, they report the family has since weakened. They now state they have to work twice as hard to maintain a similar home life. They have learned to work together to get basic tasks completed, such as laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning. The father is the main moneymaker. He works at a grocery store as a night stocker to provide for his daughter and grandson. The daughter works also works at a grocery store as a cashier, and strives to be a positive role model for her twelve-year-old son. In this family, the father and daughter reside in the same household. Neither father nor daughter report being in a sexual relationship at this...

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