Family Health Assessment

Topics: Sleep, Sense, Human sexuality Pages: 5 (1432 words) Published: December 14, 2012
Running head: Family Health Assessment

Joy Ebomwonyi
Grand Canyon University: Family Centered Health Promotion: NRS 429v August 26, 2012

Open-Minded Family focused Questions
I interview a family who were willing to answer the questions as long as they remained anonymous when the paper is written. I will not be using the name of the family that I interviewed for this assignment. The interview was based on the all the Gordon’s eleven functional health patterns. Health perception/health management:

1. What is your past medical and surgical history?
2. Are you currently taking any prescription medications? 3. Can you discuss your religion affiliation or practice? Nutrition:
1. Are you on any particular type of diet?
2. Do you take any food supplements or multivitamins?
3. Are you allergic to any foods or do you dislike any foods? Sleep/Rest:
1. Do you have any sleeping problems?
2. How many hours do you sleep in a day?
3. Do you take any sleeping aids?
1. Do you have any bowel or bladder incontinence?
2. What is your bowel movement pattern?
3. Do you taken any medications to aid in bowel or bladder elimination?

Activity/ Exercise:
1. How active are you?
2. Do you have an exercise routine?
3. Do you actively engage in yard work or sit most of the time? Cognitive:
1. What is the level of your cognition?
2. Do you have difficulties with forgetfulness
3. Do you have difficulties concentrating or making decisions? Sensory perception:
1. Do you wear glasses due to vision problems or just for reading? 2. Do you have difficulties hearing?
3. Can you describe your sense of taste?
Self- perception:
1. How do you perceive your self worth?
2. Do you have a sense of hopelessness?
3. Have you experienced any severe anxiety or depression?
Role Relationship
1. How is your relationship with your wife?
2. How is your relationship with your children?
3. How is your relationship with your extended family?
1. At your age, what is your perception about sexual activity 2. Are you sexually active?
3. Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?
1. What situations make you become stressful?
2. How do you handle stress?
3. What do you do for relaxation?

Gordon’s functional health patterns is a method that was developed by Marjorie Gordon in 1987 proposed functional health patterns as a guide to establishing a comprehensive nursing database (Kriegler & Harton, 1992). The completed assessment using Gordon’s 11 functional health patterns is based on a 69 year old retired male who lives with his wife in a quiet suburb. The open minded family focused questions from above were used during the assessment. Health practices vary from family to family. Families identify and perform health-maintenance activities based on their beliefs about health. (Edelman, 2010). His health practice is mostly health maintenance and disease prevention. He had been diagnoses with hypertension and hyperlipidermia while his wife of 40 years was diagnoses with type 2 diabetic. He checks his blood pressure every morning before taking his morning 20mg dose of lisinopril while his wife faithfully checks her blood sugar before eating her daily foods and also takes her 500 mg of glucophage twice daily after checking her blood sugar level, whenever her blood sugar level is low, she eats a snack. She had had 3 caesarean sections when she delivered her children in her child bearing age but the husband has no surgical history. They are Christians, who teach Sunday school, pray and share their faith other people. The nutritional-metabolic pattern depicts characteristics of the family's typical food and fluid consumption and metabolism (Edelman, 2010). This elderly couple are very selective in the types of foods they eat, due to the husband’s diagnosis of hyperlipidermia and...
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