Family and Sister Amanda. Sarah

Topics: Family, Rape, American films Pages: 2 (761 words) Published: December 10, 2012
it all started when my uncle was killed. the person who it effected the most was my cousin sarah. my aunt thought it would be better for sarah to move in with her sister amanda. sarah had been kicked out of her private school in new york so her mom sent her to live with her sister in pensylvannia. Amanda was married and had 2 beautiful children. four year old micheal and 2 year old ashley. so sarah moving in was a bit of a handful for amanda. but little did she know that her other sister amy would be meeting her father again in about a year. sarah was a straight A student, had many friends and had the perfect boyfriend (Cody). he was the star of his football team and any girl dreamed of having him. they were in a relationship for about 2 years before sarah started hanging out with differnt people. they were weird and mysterious looking. they seemed up to no good. Her new friends saw that she had everything she wanted. her parents were wealthy people. so nothing was out of reach for her. Sarahs new friends would ask her for money and they always said they would pay her back. but knowing the idiot that she is, she didnt say no. that was her problem she couldnt say no to anyone. but that changed on the night she broke up with her boyfriend. they had just gotten into a huge fight about her knew friends. he had warned her about them many times before but she didnt listen. on that night her friends asked her to hang out, so she went out to eat then they had the idea to go to a party. it was just up the block from the diner they were eating at. so she agreed. one of the guys gave her several drinks during the night. she didnt think anything of it, she just thought he was just being nice. but when the clock struck 2:35 she felt light headed and she couldnt see straight. before she knew it she was knocked out on the bed. such friends she had. sarah woke up the next day in the hospital. around her was cody, her mom, and her dad. she was in critical condition, sarah had...
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