Family and Religion Outweighs Wants and Needs

Topics: Religion, Faith, Christianity Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: July 29, 2013
Family and Religion Outweighs Wants and Needs
Family and religion outweighs wants and needs in “Eveline” by James Joyce. Eveline appears to be the glue that holds this family together. Eveline and her family seem to hold religion and family as a very important part of there lives. Religion seems to be a way of life for Eveline and her family. Eveline being Irish and growing up in Ireland, Catholic religion was almost mandatory. One part of being a good Catholic is being a good family. Eveline also had made a promise to her mother. Upon Eveline’s mother’s eminent death, Eveline promised that she would take care of the family. One can view Eveline as a religious person in a religious home. She has patronized a print of the Blessed Margaret Mary Alcoque. One does not patronize a print of promises unless there is some innate faith in the deity. An old yellowing photograph of her father’s school friend, a priest hangs on the wall. People of faith hang photographs of religious icons in their home. These photographs bring the faith of their religion into the home. Her brother Harry even took a job working for the church. A family that prays together stays together. One can observe Eveline is a family person in a family oriented home. She is picking up were her late mother left off. Tending to the children and the chores of the home are an overwhelming task. Even for the most elder domesticated women, children and family can be a challenge. Eveline appears to be no more than twenty one years old, single handily tending to the family. This tending leaves little time for Eveline. Eveline has fond memories of when her mother was alive, family outings and days gone by. She cherishes the times in her life when it was less demanding. The days when they were a complete family and Eveline could be part of that family. Not the keeper of the family. Despite working a demanding job, Eveline still views that the family comes first. Her job pays little, but what little it is...
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