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In today’s modern society, identify what you view as the most important problems facing families in the U.S. “Primary Response”

I think that the most important facing families today in modern society is financial woes, lack of money/wages and trying to afford health insurance. When a survey was done on 6 Americans;
Lack of money/Low wages, ranked 17% mentioned that this was a very important problem that is facing us today. Unemployment /Loss of job ranked 7%
Too much debt/Not enough money ranked 10%
Healthcare costs ranked in at 14%
Cost of renting/owning a home was ranked at 9%
Since August, 2008, lack of money and low wages has increased from14% to 17%, this seems to be what most Americans agree is the most important problem facing our society. The cost of living has been raised and the wages have stayed the same and now that President Obama has passed a law telling everyone in the U.S., must have health insurance, the cost of that is ridiculous and many families are going broke just paying for that. On top of that we have to buy groceries, pay mortgages/rent, pay and have utilities to pay. This doesn’t leave much to live off once all is said and done. Below I have included a couple of surveys that have been done in 2011 by Gallup, one by gender and one by race, this gives us an idea of how things rate according to Americans.

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