Fall of Rome and Usa

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Hist 101
2 April 2012

Fall of Rome and the USA
Certainly when we talk about empires, we automatically think about the Roman Empire, which was the largest and the most powerful empire of the ancient world. Having had a stronger and organized army, a high developed political organization, the Romans were almost indestructible, but they succumbed and fell. In contrast, if we speak of recent empires, we have to classify the U.S. as it. Having military bases into foreign countries, being a democracy and having a powerful economy, USA is catalogued as well The Romans as a superpower. So if we already know, that The Roman Empire fell. Could we think USA would fall too? Obviously there are many similarities between Roman Empire and USA, and it is important to analyze them, in order to prevent succumbing and fall as The Romans did. Similarly to The Romans, USA has a powerful army. USA has military bases in almost every country in the world, and they are also involved in almost all the wars. This military over extension, in addition to bring security of the government interest, it also very expensive, which subtracts money to people needs, such as education, wages, and infrastructure works. According to the article by A. Evans “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire vs. United States Are We Parallel” the US government spends the same as 9 countries spends together in the army. So while the government invests millions in defense, the country has a raise economic crisis, raise of unemployment rate and high crime rate. If we look back in time to the era of the Roman Empire, basically we would realize the same situation. The Roman Empire army was so over expanded, and the money invested to maintain it caused an enormous hole in their economy. In order to maintain the strength of the army, The Romans had to increase the recruiting of soldiers, and spend more money. This extensive recruiting, led the empire to in an Income disparity and poverty. The money invested in the...
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