Fall of feudalism paper

Topics: Black Death, Middle Ages, Feudalism Pages: 3 (1236 words) Published: February 23, 2014
 10/30/2013 Quarterly Assessment How did Political, Social and Economic events which occurred during the Middle Ages contribute to the rapid fall of Feudalism and increase the foundation of nation states? Since politics and social matters are so closely founded the way that these two subcategories of the middle ages clashed against the Feudal way of organizing everything in the middle ages are. Politically kings ruled the way that everyone lived and by doing so this would later on provoke a tremendous backlash when Peasants learned that they had a say too and that by them doing the work that the king so desperately needed it could either fracture or mend a broken European backbone, which could no longer be repaired due to the plague. Feudalism at least when it was still active was a Pulverizing machine with a mindset on human rights that was nourished by the disloyalty which were abundantly present in manors. The feudal system worked with a simple stepladder of power, at the top were the kings they ran the manor which was an immense castle were the feudal system adopted as its arrogance these kings lived in this castle which housed them and the lords the role of the lords was to manage all the land around the manor which was by the way heavily guarded with stone walls around the perimeter of the manor in case of attack. The only two other jobs the lords had was to make sure all chores were completed in the manor and to supply trained soldiers and knights for the king in case of a military vulnerability. The third step down was the knights these were men that were known mostly by the chivalry they swept across Europe these knights also fought and were highly trained soldiers, the lowest of all the ranks was the peasants these men and women lived in the land surrounding the manor these people were the backbone of everything that the king stood for they lived in ghastly conditions and the equivalent...
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