Fall 2014 Wait List Bachelor Of Commerce Business Management Marketing Management Major

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Please use Ryerson # in all correspondence

June 25, 2014

Ryerson Number: 500462143
DocumentID:AD1:2014-06-25:500462143:1149:Business Management:Marketing Management

Program of Study: Bachelor of Commerce - Business Management - Marketing Management Major Term: Fall 2014

Dear Imraj Dhoot:
Your name has been placed on the Wait List.
To Accept or Decline: Log into your Choose>Ryerson applicant portal and select 'My Application Status'. Click Accept for your name to be on the Wait List. Click Decline to remove your name from the Wait List and have your application closed to further review.

Wait List positions are not determined until mid-July and individual positions are not generally available. We may contact you up to the start of classes, September 2, 2014 but not thereafter. Admission consideration is subject to academic requirements, competition, selection criteria (including English Language Proficiency Test results where applicable) and your qualifications. Your Wait List position is valid only for this term and may not be deferred to another term.

In the event that you are offered admission, you should make arrangements for the submission of official transcripts, if you have not already done so.
Your application is important to us and we anticipate you will have questions. For important information regarding the Wait List process, we invite you to visit www.ryerson.ca/undergraduate/admission/apply/waitlist.html.

Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment
AD1 - 301
FileName:Fall 2014-Wait List-Bachelor of Commerce - Business Management - Marketing Management Major FileName1:500462143:D05:WAOF:301:1558123:L6P1N1:imraj93@hotmail.com

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