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I wish to apply for a student of your university through Master of Science in Management Science of Economic and Social Sciences and Solvay Business School Faculty. I believe that my excellent academic record and work experience make me a good candidate for this position.

During 4 years as being a student of Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism – Hue University, I stood out by the intellectual ability, high work motivation and hardworking. Despite major in tourism, my marketing modules points were always with flying colors because of their importance and attraction. As a result, I proudly graduated with high distinction at the top three of my class with 3.6 GPA and was honourly recruited as a lecturer in this Faculty in 2012.

Besides being an assistant teacher of E-marketing and specialized English course as well as enhancing and broadening professional knowledge, I was also one of a few young lecturers selected to contribute to the planning, adjustment and implementation of a more qualified curriculum for the 2015-2020 orientation of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Furthermore, I gained some achievements in scientific research such as publishing research results “Research on Email marketing application at hotels in Hue city’” in Science and Technology Journal of Da Nang University and taking part in individual or collaborative research projects in different levels due to the ability to carry out research independently and analytical skills.

I also actively participate in other activities held by Faculty and the Youth Union. I am current an executive board member of the Youth Union, an advisor of Faculty’s English Club and a member of organizing committee in cultural exchange programs between Faculty and partners.

In short, with my ability, effort and enthusiasm, I believe I deserve to be a member of your university.

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