Topics: Faith, Belief, Religion Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: April 5, 2013
Faith is the complete trust or confidence in someone or something. It is based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. Scientifically, faith is irrational. There is no proof of a higher being, no scientific reason for one to trust in their beliefs, yet so many do. I understand that in this sense faith is irrational, yet I also think its necessary and makes complete rational sense. In order to be at peace in life I think it is important to have your faith to trust in. God cannot be proven by science, and I think this is what creates faith. By completely trusting in God there is faith. Through the peace it brings in life and the inner feeling of understanding and reason for all of life’s happenings, it is important to be able to trust in your faith.

While faith may not be rational in terms of science, individually, everyone who has faith in something or someone would argue that is absolutely is rational. Faith is a crucial part of life and it is the rationality for all questions and concerns one may have. Everyday we turn to our beliefs to make sense of life. When things go wrong, you can turn to your faith to understand the reasoning behind it. Likewise, when things go exceptionally well, you can also trust that your belief in God has been the source. A powerful desire to understand life and rationalize everything that happens is why we need to trust in our faiths and beliefs. Faith is an irrational rationality of life.

Fowler believes that faith is not something that can be instilled overnight. He argues that it is a process and development throughout our lives. At birth, children do not have faith in anything. As they develop physically and mentally, they begin to grow spiritually as well. First, children’s faith can be understood as a disorganized understanding of the images it entails. They go on to believe in the stories they are told and rely heavily on the influence of others throughout the years. Once a relationship is formed with God, people...
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