Factors Affecting the Students' Performance.

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Factors Affecting Pupils Involvement to MTAP DepEd
Saturday Mathematics Program

In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements
in Research 1

Submitted by:

District of Alfonso

Submitted to:

Professor in Research 1


The researcher wishes to extend his sincerest gratitude to the following personalities who share time and efforts to the success of this action research.

To Dr. Ruiz, professor at Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Maragondon, Cavite for encouraging him to come up with this kind of study.

To Mrs. Aniceta A. Vidallon, Principal I of Marahan Elementary School, for allowing him to conduct his research.

To his co-teachers for their moral support.

To Ms. Leila Herrera, for her support and inspiring thought to push through this undertakings.

To the selected pupils who work as the respondents of the study.

To his family for giving sort of financial assistance.

To the Almighty God, for the knowledge and wisdom that made all these things possible.


Mathematics remains as one of the disciplines young Filipinos are encountering difficulties with. According to the study, 6.87% of the 318 teachers have an average competency in teaching Mathematics while 84.33% have low in readiness in teaching and are very incompetent. In spearheading MTAP DepEd Saturday Mathematics Programs and to the pupils involvement to it, two things were learned and reflected by the researcher. First, even that this Program is quite difficult, we should still develop positive attitude towards it. As we are motivated loving this, pupils were also motivated. Secondly, pupils should be motivated, more engaged in learning in a way that stresses application and other reasoning skills toward the subject.

Upon researching, the researcher reviewed the results, with these he learned to value planning and assessing. Communication towards external stakeholders should be manifested thus he believes that every problem, actions should be taken along the way.


In relations to the 2012 MTAP DepEd Saturday Mathematics Program, this action research was done to identify the factors affecting pupils involvement. This study focused to 30 selected grade six pupils who failed to join this Mathematics Program at Marahan Elementary School in the District of Alfonso as his respondents. The results of this study will help the school to recapture the low enrolment rate by taking some actions to strengthen the pupils interest to this program.


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Papi Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. 2011
Papi Publishers Association of the Philippines, Inc. 2011
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