The Different Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance

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The Different Factors Affecting Students Academic Performance Education Essay

Most students getting into MBBS program have a good academic track record upon entry into the medical school. In Malaysian medical school it is observed that each year about 10-15% of students have difficulty in completing their medical course on time and this is a concerned to medical educators and administrators. It is important to know the reasons why there is a marked change in their academic once they come to professional courses especially medicine. Clearly, there are numerous cognitive and non-cognitive factors that have a much stronger influence on medical students’ academic performance. Identifying the factors associated with students’ academic performance or academic achievement in the medical course will enable the medical educators, curriculum planner and policy marker to set up support systems to help them perform better. Many studies are carried out to explore factors affecting students’ academic performance or achievement. All of the research reviews support the hypothesis that students’ performance in the medical programme depend on different socio-economic and psychological factors (Syed Tahir Hijazi & Raza Naqri, 2006). Medical students are main assets of the medical schools or colleges. In view of that, the students’ academic performance and achievement plays an important role in producing the best quality graduates who will become great leader and manpower for the country thus responsible for the countries economic and social development. The performance of students in universities should be a concern not only to the administrators and educators, but also to corporations in the labour market. Literature Review on Factors Affecting Students’ Performance Up to date many studies have been developed concerning the factors influence students’ performance such as demographic, active learning, student attendance, extracurricular activities, and peers influence and course assessment. A review of the literature have indicated that student attitudes toward study, study habits and strategic learning, student psychological characteristics, learning style, family background, teachers role and many others are closely related to students’ academic performance (Eccles & Wigfield, 1985; Eccles & Harold, 1993; Hanson, 1994, Ali et al.,2009). Gough and Hall (1964) mentioned that prediction of student performance in the medical school can be made by mean of the California Psychological Inventory (CPI) and this is supported by Tutton study in 1993. Other instruments such as Eysenek Personality Inventory or the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory greatly enhanced the prediction of students’ performance in the medical school (Roesslet, et al., 1978; Lipton et al., 1984; Weiss, 1988). In this study the literature search for factors affecting students’ academic performance will be concentrated on student’s characteristics, parent’s characteristics, teacher’s characteristics and college factors.

Student’s characteristic and academic performance
What are the key factors that promote academic success among students whose individual characteristics place them at high risk of failure in the medical programme? Much research in recent years has focused on identifying the key factors in the student characteristics that promotes academic success. Qualities such as psychological needs and social skills, namely self-efficacy, motivation, attitudes and behaviour, academic competency, communication skills, collaboration, cooperation, and team capabilities are important for the student in the medical programme. Students who possess these skills are able to work effectively with others and managed their studies efficiently (Lust & Moore, 2006). The medical colleges could target these factors...
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