Factor Affecting Organizational Behavior

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BUS 765

Facilitator: Harry J. Bury, Ph.D.
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The macro-perspective provides a broader view of organizational effectiveness by dealing with the major sub-units of the organization rather than individuals and small groups. This perspective deals with employee behavior as well as with overall design of the organization, efficiency, and adaptation to the environment. The macro-route to organizational change includes design of individual roles and organizational structures, relationships among roles, control systems, and information technology. A field activity in organizational development is a major focus of the course.
To be an effective systems manager one needs to be adept at working in teams, achieving goals and objectives with and through other people. In addition, people tend to learn more when they are involved in the learning process and when they are called upon to facilitate the learning of others.

We have nineteen meetings together during this session. Hardly enough time to understand the Theories of Organizational Behavior. Hence, we will only scratch the surface. The objective is to spark our interest so that we all are motivated to delve deeper into this marvelous and exciting subject matter the rest of our lives.

Each time I have the privilege to facilitate the learning of this material I change the process in order to both find a more effective way to achieve the goals of learning and to not become boring through repetition. The process will include a feedback sheet which each participant is asked to submit each meeting. It is designed to enable me to understand what is happening with you as we proceed through this learning experience together. On the sheet will be a place for you to ask questions. I do not claim to have answers but your questions may well cause valuable discussion in Organizational Behavior areas of class interest and enable the experience to be a practical one. I will share my opinion and ask course participants to do the same. I ask that you fill out the feedback sheet the weekend of the class itself and please give it to me at 7:00 p.m. the following Friday evening class. Each team will usually meet together on Friday evening from 7:00 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. The purpose of the meeting is to reflect together about the learnings of the previous class in order to get our minds focused on the subject matter. We suggest that individuals who arrive early begin the team meeting at once in an effort to be efficient and perhaps eliminate or shorten team meetings on non-class days.

First Organizational Development Learning Opportunity

This year a major focus is to better understand organizations by changing them. Consequently, learning teams of two persons will select an organization (such as a branch bank, a police or fire department, a small business, an accounting department, a dental practice, a library, the Board of Directors of the Jaycees, etc.) and do an organizational change effort aimed at transforming the culture or total system of an organization or organizational subunit. A team building process would be excellent. Remember, these are not simply training activities. Facilitators need to focus on the process of the client system. Interventions need to relate to how the client system does its work in terms of facilitating improvement. The course facilitator’s assumption is that this is a year long change project. It would be helpful to find the client system during the summer. The facilitators will report their results to the class and submit a written report to each colleague and two reports to the course facilitator. In the past, facilitators have invited persons from the client system to...
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