Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habits

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Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habits

English 115

The essay I will be discussing is: Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habits” written by Suki Kim. In this essay Kim talks about how her life as a child changed from having every opportunity in the world to barley being able to survive.

Thought-out the essay Kim compares and describes the challenges her and her family faced when the moved from china to America due to her fathers business going into bankruptcy. At that time in South Korea filling for bankruptcy was punishable by imprisonment. I think the most important point Kim is trying to share is to be grateful for what you have and appreciate it because there are always people out there that have it worse. Kim is trying to explain to the audience is not to judge or assume that you are better then someone else based solely on yours or your families wealth, social status or personal gains.

Another point that Kim makes is in Korea the respect for elders, teachers or people we admire and highly respected where in America the term is loosely practiced. Kim states in her essay “Unlike students in Korean schools, who were taught to bow to teachers at every turn, no one batted an eye when a teacher entered a classroom.”

When Kim talks about her English as a second language class (E.S.L) it could be argued that she is describing discrimination. Kim explains that even though she was in a class in America with fellow Koreans who families also fled, there was still a division of social class between them just like the hierarchy in South Korea. “What I recall, at 13, is an acute awareness of the distance between ,me and my fellow F.O.B (Fresh off the boat), and another, more palpable one between those of us in E.S.L and the occasional English-speaking Korean-American kids, who avoided us as though we brought them certain undefined shame”(Kim, Para 7)....
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