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Facing Challenge

By JunIsolation Oct 09, 2012 926 Words

I. Attention-getting statement
From MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY, the definition of challenge is “to arouse or stimulate especially by presenting with difficulties.” (MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY)

II. Thesis statement
Challenge exists everywhere; everyone would meet challenge in every period.

III. Preview statement
In my opinion, challenge is a kind of breakthroughs experience which could explore oneself physically and mentally.


I. First main point
Challenge can extremely stimulate human potential and deeply explore the approach of self-development. It can only be completed by determined and optimistic person, and also during kind of challenge, withdraw is not an available option to challenger. If people can face the challenge bravely and seriously, they will obtain valuable experience. Taking Aron Ralston as an example, from his rough exploration story, the gain was not limited to scar, he really learned a lot and been mature. Otherwise if people quit when they face difficult challenge, they not only come away empty-handed, but also lost a lot. For example, Chinese students cannot avoid the difficulty college entrance examination if they want to get into university, escaping from this challenge, they will lost the qualification of accept higher education. Behind challenge, people can reward tremendous growth with leaps and bounds.

II. Exploring Aron Ralston’s story

As I mentioned before that Aron Ralston is an adventurer, the movie “127 hours” describes an encouraging story. He went to Blue John Canyon and stayed at there about five days in 2003 on account of his arm crushed by a stone. To get free, he cut his right forearm with a small knife and got rid of the canyon in the last day. Among 127 hours, he was faced with difficulties, both physically and psychologically. After all the ways used, starvation and water shortage had been a large problem for him. However, his family and his lover came into his heart and gave him the power to survive. In this way, he had the courage to try to get his arm from the stone and drunk his urine to be sensible. Therefore, we can find that challenge can make one person to do something that is hard for him to achieve. On the other side, sometimes physical pain may not be the largest challenge for people, disappointment and sadness may attack people’s mind. Aron had plenty of dreams with depression and tragedy in the last two days, which even made him have the thought to give up his life. At that time, he was exhausted and tired. Fortunately, he was not a person who would like to abandon his duties easily. Thus, he made a significant decision – to lose small part of his body and continue to live, which would be a hard choice for normal people. From this aspect, challenges can make people realized that living is the foundation of future and it is worth to suffer pain and lost something which plays an important role in your life. Through this story, Aron is a specific example of people who defeats challenge and becomes more encouraged and insistent.

III. Except the story of others who do not live around us, we also have a great number of cases that can present that challenge really explores our abilities and develop our ideological level.

As an international student, challenge is not rare in our daily life when we study abroad. During battling against language and different culture background which are exactly result in misunderstanding, various problems and self-stress, we learned the correct methods to manage our study plans by ourselves for enhancing the capacity of independence. Without assistant from parents, we successfully overcome helplessness, fears, and loneliness. According to necessity, the consciousness of responsibility also becomes much more mature. As a result, the experiences that redefined the maximum of our capability obviously form a positive attitude towards confronting discomforting dilemma. In addition, the awareness about taking care of us was determined by sickness torture during living abroad alone. As I explored above, challenge taught us a lot and promoted us from mental and physical.


I. Summary statement
During the human’s whole life, people will encounter many challenges, everyone has different attitude of facing challenge. Part of people would like to bypass the challenge and shrink back without confronting it, other kinds of people prefer to endure every kind of trial and overcome difficulties, which depend on their personal and cultural value combining with their own philosophy. For us, we tend towards becoming brave enough to tolerate sorts of challenge directly. The story mentioned in this article can give us some enlightenment; it makes people who are too apathetic to continue their life with enthusiasm experience their lives in a complete different way, which is more positive and energetic. People who always take a detour for avoiding challenge are not easily able to come up with a successful path forward.

II. Concluding statement
However, there is no doubt that making great efforts to go through the hard and difficult path, filled with troubles and backsliding can bring us success, glory and happiness even though the procedure is filled with fears, stresses and failures. But after you breaking through the suffering, you are greeted by enormous promotion in mental and physical. We strongly believe that challenge is a gift which granted by god, it is an incredible chance to enhance our capability and richer spiritually prosperousness.  

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