Facilitating Change Among Nursing Assistants In Long Term Care Article Analysis

Topics: Nursing, Health care, Nurse Pages: 4 (801 words) Published: December 20, 2016

The Article, "Facilitating Change Among Nursing Assistants in Long Term Care" was acomplete and thorough study conducted by the medical professionals, Francois Aubry, FrancisEtheridge, and Yves Couturier with the end goal of understanding the challenges ofimplementing change in the facilities and the consequences. The study took place in Quebec,Canada and first contained a brief examination of the difficulties of implementing the change andchoosing which changes to put upon the care facilities. Following this, the article gave adescription of the study methods used and an example of the questions asked of volunteernursing assistants in an interview and with that, a thorough explanation for the questioned theauthors chose. Following the operation...

Another point that may need further thought is the fact that most of theparticipants were near the middle of their working tenure. The authors say that most of theassistants were "closer to middle of their career" (Aubry, 2012, page 3). They go further toexplain that this fact may have a positive impact on the study because they are aware of theirworkload, though perhaps having newer participants in addition, would give more quality to theresults because part of their problem is discussing integrating new assistants into the world ofwork. Furthermore, they all had day shifts as stated, "The participants worked the day shift..."(Aubry, 2012, page 4) and therefore may not have gained as much as they could have from thestudy due to the possible practice differences during nighttime shifts. During the interviewprocess, the authors noticed a prominent problem among the participant's answers, that due to thesmall amount of time allotted to them combined with the amount of work given, the assistantshad no choice but to lower their quality of work. Not only that, but the "relation service, is keptto a minimum," (Aubry, 2012, page 5) and perhaps this should be a problem further discussedthan it truly is in the article, especially if one of the goals with the care being given, is to makethe residents feel the best they possibly can. It is difficult to feel elated at all if they are isolatedand lonely. One of the biggest topics discussed is teamwork and it's possible negative or positiveimpact on the industry. One of the big problems with teamwork being refusal or resistance toauthority, though still important because of the creative ways the team comes up with to getmore work done, such as feeding two to three residents at one time, or having a certain nursingassistant traded with another in regards to the resident due to difficult behavior. One of theproblems noted is "overlooking... input of...
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